Describing Agostina Pieri in a few words is not an easy task, especially for those
who prefer leaving this task to wines, which tell about passion and true love for
this land and this activity.
The core of everything has always been our family, a real key value of this adventure
started more than twenty years ago: it was 1991 and next to our mom Agostina, that
land reminding us our childhood gave us the possibility to develop the love for wines,
that love that we have felt since longtime ago.

Today, Agostina Pieri is a small but sound firm that thanks to its work and
professionalism, has gained trust both in national and international markets. We are
stronger now, but we have always the same desire to give us a challenge, to experiment
(even though somebody could not like it if misinterpreted) and, above all, to never stop
looking for a perfect combination of territory, tradition and personality. Indeed, this
desire never stops to grow.